About The Blogging Dad

Ahoy there me hearties! My name is Joe. Currently I’m 34, married and have three daughters. One daughter “J” is almost 4 years-old and the other two are 1 year-old, identical twins “A & M”. My wife is a teacher and I’m a full-time Multimedia Specialist for a federal contractor. Things are pretty hectic in my house, but once everyone is asleep, it’s “Joe Time”.

I have so many extra-curricular activities, but can’t get to them until the house is quiet. I currently play in two bands, do web design on the side, mess with photography, easily get sucked into Facebook and Twitter, love Family Guy, read a lot about blogging and making money online and the list goes on.

This site will be my place to write about all those things, but most of it will be about my kids since they are the most important to me. Hope to hear from you whenever I write something you connect with.