Does It Make Sense to Add a Forum to a Blog?

Currently I’m creating a blog for a very specific group of people who are relocating to another state because of their job. In this case, the whole process of relocating is very confusing and there are several steps involved including an insane amount of paperwork. These people are looking for guidance, stress relief and community. My goal with the blog is to help them with all the knowledge and research gathered by myself and several others. The blog will feature posts about people’s experiences, lists of links, how-tos, reviews of other sites, etc.

We already know there will be many points where large discussions will take place. The question is, do we want these discussions to be in the form of a forum or the comment section on each post? I fell like every blogging tip site says to promote discussion as much as possible, but I don’t see anything mentioned about forums. It all seems to be about the comments.

Does anyone have any input on this? Please “comment” so i can get some guidance and stress relief, ha ha.

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  • The Blogging Dad


  • Kyle B.

    forums have their value. However- i think comments are more effective means of relaying information. all the power of a forum, but the comments are out their for everyone to enjoy.

    just my opinion

  • Edwardlyne Kirley

    Why not have both. Leave people the option to comment if they are used to that style. But create a forum section that you advertise. Some prefer forums. I think what you are doing is great! You obviously have a big heart. So best of luck. Stick to what feels right.


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  • Heath Capps

    Not to be all “negative Ned” here, but a group site like Facebook seems quicker and easier. But if you’re sticking to a blog site and all these friends are already connected, I can see the value in a forum.