First Emergency Room Visit With My Daughter

My 2-year-old with stitches

My 2-year-old with stitches in her lip

This past weekend was a little traumatic at my house. We had our first visit to the emergency room with my 2-year-old daughter. As you can see in the photo she’s fine, but the chain of events that took place on Sunday were mentally exhausting.

It was a typical day of my daughter not listening to us as we were trying to get her to clean up some of her toys before lunch. In the corner of our living room there is a large sub-woofer slightly hidden by the arm of the couch. Unfortunately this is an area where we stuff some of my daughter’s larger toys like chairs and strollers. Well, of course in her state of not listening, she happened to trip and fall over one of her strollers. At first I thought it was a typical fall, but this time the crying seemed a little more intense than usual. I rushed over to help her and saw that her face was covered with blood and her mouth looked a little mangled. I yelled to my wife that it was bad and she came running. As soon as she saw my daughter’s face, she started crying hysterically as well. We definitely felt helpless at that moment because we never experienced this before.

I immediately got some towels and said we needed to go to the hospital. Oddly enough we live in between two decent hospitals and weren’t sure which one to go to. We called my wife’s mother since she was an ER nurse at another hospital and asked her what to do and where to go. My wife couldn’t even talk to her and my daughter was still screaming. After talking to her on the phone, we wrapped some ice in more towels and hopped in the car with only a few things. My wife sat in the back with my daughter and kept breaking down because she was peaking at the wound and was scared for her. Her lip was definitely split and it looked like her teeth were knocked in.

By the time we got to the hospital everyone settled down a bit. My daughter behaved so well while getting processed, but I think she was just exhausted from the pain and crying so much. They took us pretty quickly because she was still bleeding in the waiting room. We were put in an ER room to wait for a doctor. My mother-in-law (an ER nurse) joined us, pretty much to console my wife. After a while, the doctor finally came in to check my daughter out and he gave us an option to either be stitched by him or wait for the pediatric plastic surgeon since our insurance covered it. We chose the plastic surgeon of course, but had to wait a very long time for him.

The plastic surgeon was finally ready and my daughter had to be put in a papoose with most of her face covered in order to do the procedure. My wife couldn’t handle it, so she went in another room and cried. My mother-in-law joined me in the room with the surgeon, an ER doctor and a nurse. We helped put her in the papoose and then had to hold her in place while talking her through it. Amazingly my daughter was quite calm and was trying her hardest not to cry while the surgeon stitched her lip. I was so impressed with her bravery, especially since she is two.

In a matter of minutes the procedure was over. We unwrapped her and all that crying she held in was finally released onto my shoulder. We went back to our room to gather our things and wait for instructions from the surgeon. My wife joined us there and consoled my daughter. We finally headed home and she fell asleep within minutes after putting her in the car seat.

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