Holy Crap, We’re Having Twins!

So as you may or may not know, my wife is pregnant. I think she’s at about 8 weeks, so its still early to be announcing that, but I’m documenting it. She’s been feeling really sick and has had constant pain for a bunch of days now. It’s typical to have the sickness, heartburn, etc., but the constant pain thing bothered us. So she called her OBGYN to see what she thought. Even though her first appointment for the baby is next week, the doctor wanted her to come in for an ultrasound. Since this was the first ultrasound, I used some comp time at work and took a half day to go with my wife. I was psyched to see the little twinkle of the baby’s heart.

First they did the external ultrasound and as expected we saw the little blob on the screen along with a yolk sack, which looks like a cheerio. The tech did her thing and focused in on the heart so we could see it twinkling away. My wife made a comment and thought she saw two in there, but no. Then the tech wanted to do an internal ultrasound. Obviously a bit more invasive, but it gets better pictures. Once again, the tech did her thing and as I’m watching the screen I see two cheerios. The tech hunted around a bit and said, “Surprise, there’s two in there!” “Two what?”, I asked. She said “TWINS!”

My chest suddenly expanded and felt stiff. My wife was laughing and crying at the same time. We were both in complete disbelief and then in a state of shock. We both didn’t know what to say. It was real and I didn’t know how to handle it. The next year or so began to flash before my eyes and at that moment I knew things were going to change drastically. Here we’re trying to have one more kid and be done, but instead we’re having twins.

That means three children under three. Three car seats, which means a mini-van since three car seats won’t fit across the back seat of either of our cars. That means two cribs, a double stroller and double the amount of diapers. Formula, formula, formula! THIS IS NUTS!

We called my mom at work and told her we just came from the doctor and she actually thought we had bad news to tell her, so she got a little scared, but I changed that by telling her she’s not “just” going to have grandchild number nine… she’s going to have number nine and ten. She started screaming at work and then you heard her co-workers yelling in the background. She’s now off telling the world. My brothers called and were excited, calling me “super sperm” and talking about how we’re all potent. They each have three kids of their own.

Now we’re just sitting here trying to comprehend all of this. Good thing I have a tee time at 4:40. Hopefully hitting that little white ball will help me clear my head.

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