The Leaning Tower of Poop

What started as a typical potty training session became one of the funniest moments I have experienced with my wife and daughter. We’re at that point in potty training when your kid knows when to go, can pull down their pants and get on the bowl, but still needs you to wipe.

My daughter  likes to call out to us if she’s doing poopy or pee-pee, probably because we always ask her which one she’s doing. This particular incident was poopy, which is always a fun time, especially since she doesn’t let me put the bathroom fan on. My daughter called out to me that she was done, but when I checked on her, it seemed as if she was still going because the poop looked like it was still coming out of her butt. I asked her if she was sure she was done and she said yes. I was puzzled, but proceeded with the usual routine.

She leaned forward so that I could wipe her and to my surprise the poop was right there staring up at me. To be more detailed, the poop was standing on end, about three inches tall, just on the edge of the water line, like a friggin’ totem pole. I finished wiping her and then snorted while laughing my ass off. I could barely get the words out trying to call my wife to come see. Of course since I was cracking up, my daughter kicked in with her giggles and then my wife came in and lost it as well. The poop was just sitting there and we looked at it in total amazement. After a couple minutes of staring which lead to us starting to get grossed out, the poop began to fall in slow motion. It looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, hence the title of this post. It finally fell and rolled into the bowl.

A classic moment in potty training!

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