Mommy, You Like Daddy’s Meat?

Now, don’t jump to any crazy conclusions from the title! This incident was so hysterical, I had to write about it. We ordered Chinese for dinner tonight and one of the appetizers was Barbecue Beef or as some call it, Beef-on-a-Stick. My daughter isn’t really one for eating too much meat yet, except for chicken. When she’s really hungry, she’ll eat anything. This happened to be one of those hungry times for her so we let her try everything. She especially liked the Barbecue Beef, probably because it is drenched with this very tasty, teriyaki sauce. We told her it was meat and she kept repeating, “I like the meat” then eventually said, “I love it” with this crazed look in her eye and scratchy, 2-year-old voice. Understand this is MY food, so I kept pulling off most of the beef, while giving her the rest on the stick so she could take small bites. She started getting full, so she wanted to share. She gave my wife the stick and my wife, of course, over emphasized how good it was since we’re talking to a 2-year-old. My daughter then whips out, “Mommy, you like Daddy’s meat?” We start cracking up and then she turns to me and yells, “Mommy likes Daddy’s meat!” It was definitely a dinner to remember.

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