My Battle With Changing Crib Sheets

I can’t stand when it comes time to change the crib sheets. I get all grumbly when it’s time. My wife knows it sucks, but it’s definitely easier for me than her, so I’m the designated changer. The real problem is the bumpers that go all around the crib. They are in the way and bring me to sweat and tears. Do you take the time to untie each little bow all around the crib to get easy access to the mattress or do you just yank the mattress out? I choose to yank it out, but that messes up the pretty sheet thing that goes over the bottom piece. Once the mattress is out, it’s no problem to change the pad and the sheets. The incredibly annoying part is getting the mattress back in. I have to lean over the crib, pull up on the bumper, jam the mattress down. It’s so hard because the rest of the mattress is still on top of the other sections of the bumper. After struggling with that for 10 minutes or so, I then have to pull the bumper up all around the mattress because now that’s all jammed down from the mattress being forced in place. When the process is complete I feel like I need a cold shower. If you know of a better way, please, please, please let me know!!!

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