My Battle With Changing Crib Sheets

I can’t stand when it comes time to change the crib sheets. I get all grumbly when it’s time. My wife knows it sucks, but it’s definitely easier for me than her, so I’m the designated changer. The real problem is the bumpers that go all around the crib. They are in the way and bring me to sweat and tears. Do you take the time to untie each little bow all around the crib to get easy access to the mattress or do you just yank the mattress out? I choose to yank it out, but that messes up the pretty sheet thing that goes over the bottom piece. Once the mattress is out, it’s no problem to change the pad and the sheets. The incredibly annoying part is getting the mattress back in. I have to lean over the crib, pull up on the bumper, jam the mattress down. It’s so hard because the rest of the mattress is still on top of the other sections of the bumper. After struggling with that for 10 minutes or so, I then have to pull the bumper up all around the mattress because now that’s all jammed down from the mattress being forced in place. When the process is complete I feel like I need a cold shower. If you know of a better way, please, please, please let me know!!!

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  • Julie

    We layer the crib with several sheets and a waterproof pad, what our mom’s used to call a rubber sheet which is flannel on the outside and rubber or something in the middle. Keep layering and when time to change just pull off the top sheet and the rubber sheet below it to get to the next layer. The rubber sheet keeps the next layer dry. I have bumpers but don’t use them.

    • The Blogging Dad

      Good tip! We tried this with my first daughter, but we got lazy and didn’t wash enough sheets in time.

  • john cave osborne

    i wish i had someting for you there, but two of our three are in pack ‘n plays. the third is in a crib, but my wife changes. AH, the joy of multiples, right? found you through @manhattanspeak. love her.

    • The Blogging Dad

      Glad you found me, especially through @manhattanspeak. I love when she flips out on Twitter and posts every detail. I just can’t stand the damn bumpers getting in the way. I’ll try to convince my wife to lose em’.

  • Mandy

    I second the layering of several sheets and waterproof pads. Then you just pull off the dirty/wet one. Also, if you slide the bumper to the top part of the crib (without untying anything) you can have a little more room for maneuvering. If you are still worried about the dust ruffle at this point, you have too much time on your hands, and probably need another baby. :D (Just teasing!)

    • The Blogging Dad

      Personally, I could care less about the dust ruffle, but I know “someone” will. Don’t need another baby yet. I do like the idea of sliding the bumper up. The problem with that is I usually have to lower the front gate to change the mattress, pulling down the bumper.

  • Darryl

    I get frustrated, swear, and eventually the wife takes over. Slightly archaic method, but a year ago I got so frustrated I nearly broke the crib. I came up with this method and its worked wonders!

    • The Blogging Dad

      I want to break the crib, especially today. I raked my knuckles across it while pulling out the mattress and one knuckle is raw and has been stinging me all day. Arg!

  • EverythingBond

    Lose the bumpers I think they will be fine- then again- they aren’t my kids :)
    Not that we are having any more kids- but I love the layering idea- never thought of that before…
    good luck and thanks for the tip – I will def pass it on to my friends of newborns…

  • twistedxtian

    I, like you, am in charge of sheet changing. My son’s only 4 months old, and I’m already sick of the bumpers and have taken them off. And they are not going back on. :) Haven’t had a problem since.

  • Mama Mary

    I HATE changing crib sheets. With. A. Passion. I do it as little as possible. Unless there bodily fluids are present, they are stayin’ on!

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    I had a hard time finding a fitted sheet for my pack & play that I liked…the only ones I could find were plain white and cost $8! So after seeing one of the millions of fitted crib sheet tutorials, I though I’d try making one and I’m so glad I did! I never thought making a fitted sheet would be so easy. Great tutorial and I love your header! Do you take passengers? :)

  • Mahi

    Amen Brotha! I am a mom and most of the time the “wet sheets full of pee” are in the morning so I have to change it alone. Omg I feel like I wanna just throw the whole thing out the window. lol. and YESSSS the side bumpers tick me off the most! GRRR! This post of yours made me realize i am not crazy!lol